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Take control of your life and start living fearlessly in whatever direction you choose. With a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you identify and pursue your passions and purpose, coaching will support you in molding the perfect career for yourself and living life to its fullest. Stop fearing and start living!


My 9-week coaching package includes an array of assessments and techniques to help you reach your goals such as the ELI energy assessment, 

hypnotherapy, and more. Research shows that at the nine-week mark, many changes can be made and made to stay with you. We work with your energy, life, and career goals, letting go of some old patterns while setting new pathways down.

I also offer 'one-and-done' coaching calls, ELI Energy Assessments, and Discovery Calls.


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Pam is an incredibly relatable, professional, and knowledgeable coach. She approaches every conversation in a way that makes you feel seen and understood. In working with her, I have been able to reframe so many perspectives and limiting beliefs that had been keeping me stuck...small..."safe." She has given me the tools and the confidence to move forward. Not only is her own story inspiring, not only has she reinvented herself multiple times over, she empowers her clients with real strategies for success. My life is completely different for having worked with Pam and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone going through a life change or transition. You will not be disappointed."

Taliah R.


Imagine you are getting dressed for work or going out for a nice dinner. You reach for your perfect black slacks and notice a little string at the hem. You think, “No big deal I’ll just pull on it and it will be gone”.


You pull the string and half of the hem unravels. 😩

Do you ever feel like that? Unraveled at the seams? It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Just like life, you already know where repairs are needed. You just need to learn how to make it seamless.


That’s what Life Coaching is for.


Sometimes you just need a little stitch to get 'it' back together and sometimes the whole garment needs to be repaired.


Coaching is the answer to making life's changes and challenges a positive experience. Skip the unraveling and gain tools and support to create a seamless life.

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Hi, my name is Pam Slaney and I am a Life Coach in Career Development and Personal Growth.


I help people move forward with their lives.


Whatever the transition, from waking up one day and thinking:

“Where did I go in all of these years?”

“Where do I fit in now?” 

“When did my industry change?” and so many more questions.


Think of me as your 'wake-up call'!


Somewhere in our subconscious brains, we all have an overall thought that says “I am not enough”.


I am not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, or fill-in-the-blank enough.

Oftentimes, this belief is the result of an old failure, wound, or story we've been told.



• We work to let go of those limiting beliefs that never served you well.  


• We work to open up your thinking to new possibilities to feel stronger and more confident. 


• We help to rewrite your new story.


It might be a small pivot or a life-changing transition. In either case you are worthy, you are enough and it’s your turn.


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